All Hidden Object iPad & iPhone Games

  1. Haunted Hotel: Silent Waters Collector's Edition

    Can you escape Silent Waters before it's too late?

  2. Chimeras: Mortal Medicine Collector's Edition

    Your new dream home has become a deadly nightmare!

  3. Bridge to Another World: Alice in Shadowland Collector's Edition

    Stop the evil Princess of Hearts and discover your true destiny!

  4. Shadowplay: Darkness Incarnate Collector's Edition

    Something terrible lurks in the halls of Iron Gate Asylum…

  5. League of Light: The Gatherer Collector's Edition

    Return to Blake's Mountain to save an innocent family!

  6. Sable Maze: Sinister Knowledge Collector's Edition

    What secrets are hidden in the legendary McCordan Library?

  7. The Curio Society: The Thief of Life Collector's Edition

    Can you stop a destructive scientist before it's too late?

  8. Grim Facade: Monster in Disguise Collector's Edition

    The real Bloody Stanley was caught, or so they thought...

  9. Grim Tales: Crimson Hollow Collector's Edition

    Can you uncover the secrets of Crimson Hollow in time?

  10. Myths of the World: Island of Forgotten Evil Collector's Edition

    The ones who touch the artifact must die. Will you be next?

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