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Embark on an epic match 3 journey!

Match 3 Gets Royal!

Play fun match 3 puzzles with a cute knight and a cast of unique monsters!

Brightly-colored puzzles with special boosts. Score points and watch your little hero scurry through the map!

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Play challenging events and earn puzzle rewards!

Earn awesome rewards from the Tower Climb, Joust Event and Chest Collector!

Get PAID in potions, coins, unique knight skins, and MORE!

Explore TONS of worlds and collect knight outfits!

Earn a variety of outfits to suit up your knight in! Each outfit has a special benefit that is useful in match 3 puzzles, so use them to improve your strategy!

Sir Match-a-Lot Features

Tons of worlds with hundreds of levels and MORE TO COME!
Exclusive power-ups that are fun to use
Collect stickers for unique sticker books
Bunches of hero outfits to help with match 3 puzzles. Wear them all!
Cool fireflies to collect. Save them as valuable resources
Match 3 events that pop up at random

Sir Match-a-Lot Reviews

Gameplay is a Swashbuckling balance of Fun, Challenge, Reward and Addictiveness that keeps you coming back and swapping for more.

This game is very funny and challenging and great with the whole family.

Cool game! Reminds me of the old Zelda games which I loved. Friends love it too! I especially like monster fights. This game is way too much fun!

Download Sir Match-a-Lot!

Available on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices.

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