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Match 3 Around the World!

Match Around the World!

Gummy Drop! is an exciting Match- 3 game where you help rebuild monuments around the world! Start in Sydney and make your way through New York City, Paris, Hawaii and many more!

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Travel Where You Want, When You Want!

You can play in the city of your choice when you want to! You do not have to complete every level in the game in order. Want to visit Rome for the weekend? In Gummy Drop! you can - from the comfort of your couch.

Join Us For Special Events!

Journey to fantastical locations for free every month, which are only available for a limited time. In the past we have travelled to Blossom Valley for Mother’s Day, the North Pole for the Holidays, and Transylvania for Halloween. Who knows where we may visit next?

Gummy Drop! Features

Over 10,000 Levels

Challenge yourself with over 10,000 exciting levels across dozens of exotic cities!

Stamp Your Passport

Collect colorful photo stamps for your passport when you complete a city!

Gain Special Bonuses

Crush levels with special bonuses like Shovel, Lightning, Shuffle and more!

Help Local Heroes

Solve side levels in quests to help local heroes complete their tasks!

Earn Rewards While Playing

Huge rewards! Score in-game items just for playing!

New Daily Event Challenges

Solve Daily Events & collect resources and rewards!

Gummy Drop Reviews

Better than Candy Crush

Love the way the game travels around the world.

This is an amazing game that it what it says -- FREE

You can keep playing a challenging de-stressor without any bait and switch. Love It!

This game starts easily and increases in difficulty as you get better.

Fun to watch the cities grow as you add details.

Download Gummy Drop!

Available on iOS, Android, Amazon, PC, and Gameroom.

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