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The heat is ON!

Game Features

Travel & Cook Around the WORLD!

Cooking Craze is a fast-paced Time Management game that introduces you to TONS of cuisines!

Start out in New York, hit the pastry scene in Paris, test your grilling expertise in Rio, AND MORE!

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Optimized Cooking Tap Mechanic!

In a demanding restaurant empire, it's important to be fast! Check out the unique TAP mechanic in the app.

The second your food is ready, simply tap on the dish and customers are served up fast. It's that easy!

Develop your own cool flow and use the tap mechanic to prep, cook, and serve items.

Tap Screen

Open up AWESOME digital restaurants!

The more customers you impress, the faster you will be on your way to opening up several restaurants in each city.

Earn golden reviews and gather tips and spoons to help you purchase cooking boosts and update your kitchen for optimal serving perfection.

Multiple restaurants, cities, and recipes to unlock!
Wide array of customer personalities to impress!
Golden Reviews reward you with new map locations!
Easy tapping mechanic for a fast-paced Time Management game!
Baking, chopping, grilling, and loads of other cooking skills to learn!
New locations to cook in are always being added!

Cooking Craze Reviews

Best cooking game I've ever played!

A little TOO addictive. I play too much. Even my grandkids play.

Love this game. The levels get intense.

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Available on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices

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