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It’s that time of year again?when friends and family scarf down their favorite Thanksgiving meals before the biggest shopping season of the year. This year, there is no need to?wait in long lines or sift through websites only to make guesses on where to find the top video games for the upcoming gift-giving season.?Instead, make a?game plan for the 2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping extravaganza.

1. Avoid Traffic with Waze and Point Inside

If you plan to venture out in the magical land of Black Friday, a few apps, such as Waze and the Point Inside Shopping & Travel App, can help?be your guide?among unnecessary traffic.?You can use Waze to map out your driving routes, and with the Point Inside Shopping & Travel App,?you can leverage interactive indoor maps and directories of more than 1,250 malls, and you can easily create shopping lists?with an itinerary to know where to go and beat the crowd for the best sales.

2. Find Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals with ShopAdvisor

Before stepping one foot in a store,?you can plan ahead for a treasure chest of deals using apps?like?ShopAdvisor. ShopAdvisor is ideal if you know what products you want ahead of time.?You can take advantage of ShopAdvisor’s notification feature to receive alerts when the products on your watchlist go on sale.?You can easily scan the barcode of an item?you want and set up alerts?to know when to buy the product.

Black Friday isn’t the only day?you have to battle traffic. On Cyber Monday, online traffic can slow to a standstill. This year, you can skip the virtual line by planning ahead and getting access to Cyber Monday deals. Research online retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy?to get an idea of what prices and products to expect before Cyber Monday.?Most?retailers post deals and list valid deal dates weeks before the shopping weekend.

3. Gear up with an Itinerary

The key to not experiencing Black Friday and Cyber Monday blunders relies on your ability to prepare for the shopping event. This doesn’t mean you should only do your Black Friday pricing research. It also means you should consider mapping out a store list and food schedule. Apps like Nowait and Dinetime?will make refueling easy with little waiting. Happy shopping everyone and good luck.

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